We’re moving forward, and we would like you to join us.

Through the exciting merger with HomeGauge, we’re offering HomeHubZone users a great deal to move your business to the robust HomeGauge platform.

If you’re a current HomeHubZone user, take advantage of a full subscription to HomeGauge for ONE FULL YEAR FREE and even get early access to our brand-new Web Writer beta!

Call Us For Access: (828) 254-2030

When you join HomeGauge, you have access to our HomeGaugeONE platform, which provides you with everything you need, all in one place!

Here’s what you get when you join HomeGauge:

  HHZ HomeGaugeONE
Access to both Report Writers (desktop & web)    
Create professional reports    
Access to HomeGauge Support & Training    
Mobile ready    
Android compatible    
Apple iOS compatible    
Tablet support    
Fast & easy    
Business management tools    
Free, integrated Scheduler    
Payment Management    
Agreements & Forms    
ISN Integration    
BuildFax Integration    
Improved comment management    
Enhanced mobile photo management    

Switching is simple.

Just give our Support Team a call at (828) 254-2030 during business hours (M-F 9am-8pm ET) and they’ll get you set up in a flash!

What’s next for HomeHubZone?

HomeHubZone Transition
Step 1

Merger — Complete

Step 2

Transition Support — Complete

  • Extended support hours removed
  • Phone support ended
  • Transition to HomeGauge Support team for troubleshooting existing reports only.
Step 3

Shutdown App & Platform — Q2 2021

  • Remove mobile app from store — complete
  • Turn off report creation functionality within platform
  • Full migration of reports off HomeHubZone platform
  • Fully decommission HomeHubZone, no longer accessible.

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Have more questions?

What is the web-based report writer?

The Web Writer is the next generation of HomeGauge software. It is focused on saving even more time and giving you a fast way to develop a modern, professional report. This is a web-based report writer that works across all device types right in your web browser. The browser-based experience brings compatibility for everyone, and the new apps, to be released in 2021, will bring offline support to the new platform as well.

Is this new tool faster than the HomeHubZone writer I use today?

Yes, we have built the HomeGauge Web Writer using the best of the existing HHZ foundation, while integrating it with the HomeGaugeONE business management suite. You will get access to the best of the HHZ writer with the benefit of an integrated solution.

Can I add, edit comments?

Yes, you can already add and edit comments while conducting an inspection. In the coming weeks, we will be adding a comment library which allows you to edit comments and disclaimers across the application.

What about support for rooms?

We are working on a revamped version of room support later in the year. You will be able to do everything you can do now in HHZ along with some tweaks for mobile devices.

Is there a mobile app?

We are working hard on a reimagined mobile application which works across Android and iOS. We will have the first version available this summer and will be making regular enhancements through the year.

Can I adjust the order of the systems?

Yes, we are working on the ability for inspectors to adjust various items, such as the systems and associate them with inspection templates within the Web Writer. We will be hosting some focus groups and feedback sessions in the coming weeks to gather feedback on what inspectors would most like to be able to customize.

Can I still use ISN?

Yes, HomeGauge is integrated with ISN to import orders. Additionally, we allow downloading of reports in PDF format for distribution on any platform. However, you do not need ISN to experience a streamlined, convenient, and more cost-effective solution with HomeGaugeONE.

Do I have to use the HomeGauge Desktop software?

No, the HomeGauge suite is flexible enough that we allow users to create reports using our Desktop and Web writers. You can use whatever tool meets your needs for that particular inspection.

What happens to my reports after the shutdown?

All report data will remain accessible for the foreseeable future. We’re currently working on options for users to backup data long term.